Six Secrets to Finding a Good Legal Job

The legal jobs scene is changing – the financial meltdown has also melted some law jobs. So what do young lawyers do? Where are the best law jobs these days? What should they be doing to get the best?Secret 1 – Know yourself. You won’t score a job -especially a law jobs in a tough environment – without knowing exactly who you are. What are your skills? What is your experience? What do you bring to the table that the guy/girl next in line can’t? Some serious self examination is called for.Secret 2 – Get Your Paperword Ready. You know what I’m talking about – your CV, your cover letter, your references. Lawyers love paper more than anyone so make sure your’s is absolutely looking the part – as good as you can make it.Secret 3 – Pick your Market. The law is a great, big ugly international business. You can work in many places – take the Middle East or Asia, for instance. They’re booming markets and you need to know whether or not you’re prepared to work in those places? Are you? Do you have any particular interest or skill that would really work for the big firms in those places?Secret 4 – Big or Small? Are you a big firm lawyer or a small firm lawyer. There’s – literally – a big difference. If you’re the big firm guy then be prepared for all that will be expected of you. If you prefer something quieter – perhaps more work/life balance and all that, then set your sights on exactly what will do the trick for you there.Secret 5 – Do Your Homework. A good lawyer is prepared, right? So do your homework on where you want to work and what firm you’d like to work for. It’s become a buyers’ market out there, so you really need to know the firm your’e interviewing for or interested in – more than ever! Research them. Know them better than their own HR department.Secret 6 – Know Your USP. Okay, so who wants to be thought of as a product? No-one, right. But you need to really know what not only makes you tick, but what makes you the bomb the firm will want. You need to have that special “edge” that gets you the job. That may take some help. Ask friends. Ask recruiters. Who know, ask a shrink? You need to know yourself – put a ring around your URL and go to the interview with that ring of confidence.