How To Become A Legal Nurse

There is quite a connection between the medical and legal fields as often medical cases require lawful intervention of some kind. A legal nurse consultant (LNC) is trained to be a care giver and also has some background experience in law, which permits him or her to be able to get involved medical related cases of law. This can be quite interesting as there is a lot to do with the legalities of health care.Consultants are often the link between the law and health care fields. These professionals are proficient in helping lawyers read and interpret medical reports. Reports and evidence is prepared by these people and the LNC’s are able to educate attorneys about medical related issues.As many medical cases go to court, the consultants have to do research for the attorneys, examine reports of a medical nature and assess health care standards. Witnesses and patients are also interviewed by these health care workers. Consultants will analyze documents to see if they are consistent with the allegations and they will give their opinion on the merits of the case.Consultants will have to be qualified registered nurses and must have completed either a bachelor program in nursing, an associate degree or a diploma. Consultants often have completed certified programs as well. These programs ensure consultants are proficient in reviewing medical records, legal terminology, health care risk management, medical liability, torts and civil litigation.Employers will prefer that candidates have a minimum of three years experience in nursing. Registered nurses are required to be licensed by passing a national licensure examination. The consultants are expected to continually be upgrading their education so that they are up to date with any changes within the medical field and law.It is envisaged that there will be growth in job opportunities for registered nurses in the foreseeable future. Between the years 2006 and 2016 it is expected that there will be a twenty three percent growth in jobs for these people. Experts also believe that much of this growth will be due to an increase in the medical legal cases that is expected to take place in the future.Average incomes for a legal nurse are difficult to pinpoint as they vary substantially from state to state. They can vary between $50,000 and $90,000 per year. Education and experience are other factors that are taken into account. Some of these consultants will receive bonuses as well.